EEPROM / EPROM Programming Test with a GQ-4X Programmer

Received my new GQ-4X EEPROM Programmer from Canada, forgot the 16-bit adapter card though! All USB based which is certainly helpful as I didn’t want … Continue reading

Amstrad Sega Mega PC HD Failure and Windows 3.11 Sound Demo

While trying to install MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11, the hard drive decided to short the machine. I tried another power supply thinking it … Continue reading

Amstrad Sega Mega PC AdLib Sound Issues Repaired

I’ve been having issues with getting any sound from the PC side of my Mega PC. At first, I thought it might be because I have no idea … Continue reading

Amstrad Sega Mega PC – Activating PC Only Mode

This is a quick video on how to override the Mega Drive ISA card for PC only mode. By doing this you can troubleshoot issues on the … Continue reading

Sega Mega Drive 32X / Mega-CD Distorted Video (Part 2)

Noted that the video distortion also happens on the Mega-CD side of things, but still not on the actual Mega Drive itself. A … Continue reading

Sega Saturn Model 1 VA0 Modchip Installation

As you can see from the video above this mod is for the Sega Saturn (Model 1) with VA0 a motherboard. I’ve also done some website housekeeping … Continue reading