Sega Game Gear Before Repair – No Video, Quiet Audio

Here’s the little Game Gear prior to repair. As you can see from the above it has very quiet sound and no video, overall not bad … Continue reading

Sega Saturn Model 1 Power Supply Issues

Here’s how to replicate the fault:
– Run the Saturn for an hour or more so it becomes nice and toasty. I found that the … Continue reading

Amstrad Sega Mega PC Disassembled

An Amstrad Mega PC overview. A Sega Mega Drive ISA card is installed. Arrived in not-so-good condition with corrosion from the NiCad battery.… Continue reading

Amstrad Sega Mega PC 386SX Overview

Just a quick demo to show the Mega Drive and 386SX PC sections are functioning as well as can be expected for their age.