September 2016 Health Update


I’ve lifted that darned kettlebell three times, it’s really heavy. Anyway, here’s the revised diet plan for September. I’ve introduced yogurt in place of chocolate.

2 slices of toast with Vegemite
250mL Up&Go (50% calcium)
1000IU (25mcg) D3
Vitamin C (250mg)

150g chicken schnitzel
Much mayonnaise
140g plain yogurt (25% calcium)
1000IU (25mcg) D3
333mg calcium

150g salmon
1 slice of toast with Vegemite
Vitamin C (250mg)

Next month if I run out of Up&Gos (I bought so many when they were half price!) I’ll be moving to the sugar reduced formula, this will decrease my sugar intake to that of less than a single can of Sprite per day! At the moment I’m somewhere around 40g per day of pure sugars, thanks primarily to the Up&Go (20g) and Yogurt (10g).

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