Rejiggering the Parameters


That’s the current future plan, I’m still working on the details. I’ll be starting up Roaccutane in a few weeks which is essentially a mangled vitamin A molecule from what I understand.

That means the minocycline is out, as is yogurt, probiotics and vitamin C. However to add to the fun of everything being a vitamin A-like molecule means I need to stop using multivitamins and such with vitamin A in them. Farewell Cenovis multivitamin, you’ve been good to me.

Another hit was the Up&Go I have been having each day, it is also packed with about 17% of the RDI of vitamin A. Off the list it goes! Back to regular milk for me, well lactose free milk anyway. Keeps my calcium at acceptable levels above the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) and relatively close to the RDI.

A simple way to fix the deficits (in yellow) would be to introduce another slice of toast. That would help improve energy, fibre, has a good carb to sugar ratio (10:1). I’ll need to work out where to fit it in, whether I increase my dinners or lunch. Either way it’s going to be fun working out the details!

While we’re on the topic of weight loss though, 73.9kg is the current total! 40.8kg lost to date. Take that food pyramid! Ahhh, I don’t really hate the food pyramid that much, we play poker together on Friday nights.

The blog is still coming together being hosted on GitHub now… so all images are too large as I haven’t slapped a scaling solution in here, maybe in a week or two. For now a wall of text with nice sized paragraphs. Mmmm paragraphs…

For the science-like folk out there I’ll have some more information on Roaccutane / isotretinoin in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

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