New Multivitamin


And they say that moving from minocycline to isotretinoin isn’t a barrel of monkeys! Well I’m not actually sure anyone says that… but that’s what I will be doing. Isotretinoin, apart from being quite difficult to remember the spelling of, is not allowed to be taken at the same time as vitamin A as it is a form of vitamin A itself. So that’s why I need to switch to a non-vitamin A containing multivitamin.

That wasn’t too bad to sort out, switched from Cenovis Men’s Multivitamin to Blackmore’s Exercise Multi. For whatever reason they don’t seem to have a generic multivitamin. Of course any multivitamin that mentions the word exercise or performance just has 10x the vitamin Bs. Vitamin BS for short! Ha!

The only vitamins and minerals that are lacking from the switch is boron, vitamin E, vitamin K1 (clotting), copper and manganese. All of which are probably in my diet well enough to completely ignore for now. Interestingly there’s a lot more B12 in the Blackmore’s multi than the Cenovis brand – maybe too much so I’ll be cutting back on B12 enriched Vegemite (low sodium variety).

The iron and calcium are also lacking but I’ll be picking up a Hair, Nails and Skin for hopefully preventing or at least reduing hair loss, brittle nails and other joys of having a malformed vitamin A molecule replacing my normal vitamin A supplementation and all that jazz while on isotretinoin. More on that in a future post!

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