My Weight Loss Adventure


Note: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. Speak to your doctor today!

With 36kg obliterated, it’s time to write down some of my findings while losing weight this year. One of the key things that has allowed me to experiment with my weight is having time off from work. It is my opinion that work destroys the body and the soul. Since quitting my job in late 2014 I have been considerably more content with life and had much more time to live.

However, the good life causes one to pack on the pounds. Below is my solution, I’m not a doctor and all of this is based on my personal quest to change my eating habits and most importantly lose weight.

This plan was inspired by my overweight doctor suggesting I see a dietician to help with my depression… I thought to myself, I can do anything a dietician can, what makes them so special? Apparently not too much! They are just people after all. All it takes is research, research, research!

Phase 1 (2 Weeks)
– Regular diet
– Baseline blood test
– Weigh in every day
– Take blood pressure and pulse once or twice daily when at rest

The first phase involves establishing your baseline statistics. In particular weight, blood pressure and resting pulse rate. If you don’t have any idea of what you were, how will you know what you should be aiming to improve.

Blood Tests
Blood tests also are a great way to gauge how your body is reacting to your current lifestyle and in the future, your weight loss. Ask your doctor for a blood test and explain that you would like to get a baseline before you start messing around with your diet. Other great benefits include finding your cholesterol levels, whether you are at risk for diabetes and any vitamin / mineral deficiencies. For example, I was low in vitamin B12, iron and D3, your results will vary though.

Blood Pressure and Pulse
If these are too high, you will be unlikely to complete phases 2 and 3 without having a heart attack as the substituted amphetamines used to suppress hunger early on increase both of these. Consult your doctor before proceeding.

Whole blood donations every three months gets you free haemoglobin levels! Plus you can help people.

Phase 2 (2 Weeks)
7am – Metamucil
9am – Pseudoephedrine 120mg ER (Brand name: Telfast Decongestant)
11am – Metamucil
1pm – 1/4 chicken breast (~235g) and multivitamin
4pm – Metamucil
7pm – Rokeby Farms Milk (425mL) fortified with 30g protein and 100% RDI of calcium
Switch any soft drinks for cordial with soda water.

Pseudoephedrine suppresses hunger which is very useful if you have been eating large meals for the past decade. I discovered this by accident using pseudoephedrine (another substituted amphetamine) to fend off allergies from perfume – it’s likely without that catalyst I never would have been able to adjust my food intake without having massive hunger pains. However, you should be aware that amphetamine class drugs can be addictive and you will build up a tolerance to them – there’s no point taking them day in, day out for months on end – they lose their efficiency.

Can’t Sleep, Full of Energy
That is what the amphetamine class of drugs can do to you and probably will for the first week. The effects do fade over time as your body adjusts to them.

Fibre and Protein
Metamucil supplies the bulk of fibre required. Typically try to eat around 25-30g of fibre each day. This gets much easier to achieve once bread is introduced back in to the diet in phase 4. Chicken provides around 20-40g of protein and the Rokeby milk provides 30g of protein giving us the AI (Adequate Intake) of 50g and the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) depending on the protein in the chicken. This is important. If you do not eat enough protein your body will sacrifice muscle for amino acids, this leads to losing the wrong sort of weight which is very bad. Protein must always be at least 100% of the RDI.

Vitamins, Minerals and Fats
The same goes for vitamins and minerals, ensure you are getting as close as possible to 100% of these. For example, if you drop off your calcium or vitamin D3, your bones will have trouble staying fracture free and become spongy. The Rokeby Farms milk has over 100% the RDI of calcium in one serving. Oh, eat the chicken skin too, at this phase all fats are important.

Sugar Smash!
The cordial allows for the body to have access to instant glucose or fuel for the body whenever your mind feels like it is slipping. Remember we are cutting our portions down significantly. At this point the two meals are probably only 30% of the recommended food intake depending on your weight! Cordial helps to boost this so you don’t shut down and collapse on the side of the road.

Substituted amphetamines will give you an energy boost, use it to garden or walk your pets.

Phase 3 (3 – 4 Weeks)
7am – Metamucil
9am – Phentermine 40mg (Brand name: Duromine)
11am – Metamucil
1pm – 1/4 chicken breast (~235g) and multivitamin
4pm – Metamucil
7pm – Rokeby Farms Milk (425mL) fortified with 30g protein and 100% RDI of calcium

More Amphetamines?
Phentermine is a stronger substituted amphetamine than pseudoephedrine but plays much the same role as pseudoephedrine above – it will suppress hunger to an even larger degree. Available only through your local GP as a prescription drug. An important rule to make with amphetamines is to avoid any rebound effects which can leave you with a blocked nose and something like Raynaud’s phenomenon. Apart from the substituted amphetamine change, not much else changes for this phase.

Toward the end of the month, switch to one phentermine every second day for a few days. The elimination half-life is quite long (~5 days) so any moving to every second day has less of an effect. Save one or two phentermines for one week from your last pill and one week after that. This will help greatly with ceasing the drug.

Phase 4 – (Until healthy BMI range is reached – Unknown length)
7am – Metamucil
9am – 2 slices of grain rich toast (~85g) and calcium
11am – Metamucil
1pm – 1/4 chicken breast (~235g) and multivitamin
4pm – Metamucil
7pm – Salmon (150g) and 1 slice of toast (~43g) or 250mL milk with 2 slices of toast.

Toast and Carbohydrates
The toast I have been eating is Bรผrgen Wholemeal & Seeds. It has quite an impressive protein content with lower carbohydrates than most other bread. Carbohydrates aren’t bad, but they aren’t terribly good either. You might notice this is now three meals a day, with the phentermine removed and replaced with toast. The high protein in the toast should keep hunger to a minimum (GI of 36).

Salmon and Milk
Salmon has stepped in to replace the protein and calcium packed milk. Salmon meets the protein requirement (~30g per serve) and has a plethora of healthy (i.e. not saturated) fats, important for brain function. However we lost our main source of calcium, so a supplement has been added to mornings. The multivitamin provides a small amount (~15%) and the calcium supplement adds ~80% so a glass of milk is recommended on alternating days between salmon and milk.

Phase 5 (Ongoing – Unknown Length)
7am – Metamucil
9am – 2 slices of grain rich toast (~85g) and Up&Go and calcium.
11am – Metamucil
1pm – Chicken schnitzel (~150g), dark chocolate and multivitamin
4pm – Metamucil
7pm – Salmon (150g) and 1 slice of toast (~43g).

And this is where I sit currently at around 75% of the dietary requirement for my height / weight. 33% (healthy) fats, 31% carbohydrates, 36% protein. A good balance! Leave plants in the ground where they belong (oh except cocoa plants, rip them up!)

Moving Forward
As I have now reached the healthy BMI range (18-25) I have been increasing my energy intake from 40% to 50% and beyond. As this adjusts my energy needs will decrease as well. Currently I’ve estimated they sit at around 8200kJ/day. I also have every intention of switching back to real chicken from “formed” chicken!

I’ll be looking at increasing my carbohydrates to around 75% of the RDI and also healthy fats to around that same point. Fats can come from something as simple as peanut butter – adding just a tablespoon of peanut butter onto a slice of bread will give a whopping 500kJ of energy and a big dose of healthy fats and protein. Vegemite has just 40kJ energy per serving. So peanut butter seems like a good choice in the future. Stay tuned for an even healthier me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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