August 2016 Health Update


Taking a break from all the Xboxes I’ve been fiddling with lately – here’s the current weight stats for the last three months. The trend is still dropping, final target weight will be smack bang in the middle of that blue (healthy BMI) section.


I might not get so lucky with the fat / lean ratio though, but I’ll try my best, even if it means lifting a kettlebell every day! That probably won’t happen…


Yes, there I said it! Exercise, what a dirty word. If lifting a 12kg kettlebell counts as exercise?


But I am on track to be 75kg sometime in September, probably mid-September if I had to hazard a guess. 70kg would then be another 4-5 weeks after that putting me in October somewhere. What a time to be alive! Here’s my current diet, it seems to work well for me to lose weight and it’s bloomin’ delicious!

2 slices of toast with Vegemite
250mL Up&Go
1000IU D3
170mg calcium

150g chicken schnitzel
Much mayonnaise
25g of dark chocolate

150g salmon
1 slice of toast with Vegemite
1000IU D3
333mg calcium

The best thing is, anyone can do it! Thunderstorms incoming. Stay dry Commonwealth. 😉

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