Weight for it… Ha!


Not much happening here, but I did manage to find a much better looking graph on the Withings HealthMate website. Just figured you should enjoy it. Red line is where I am at currently, should see the trend (solid blue line) drop further and further as time goes on. At this rate I should be the lightest I’ve been in probably close to a decade.

Only then will I be able to pull together enough energy to do some more YouTube videos. So many distractions in life currently. Did you see the online shop I’ve been tinkering with? Then I rebuilt this website a few times only to discover WordPress and the darknet / onion address no longer place nicely together.

Anyone want to buy a Canon MP610 or Epson something-or-other multifunction? Maybe save me the hassle of selling them? Nope? Didn’t think so… maybe once my to do list has less than 32 items on it I’ll kick out something incredible. Stay tuned! (Please?)

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