LimeSurvey and Misplaced 20kg


Where on earth have I been? It’s like I fell down the rabbit hole with Alice. Wait, not that Alice. Do not click that link. Anyway, as you can see in the above cart I’ve been working on getting back into shape for winter. After all that’s when I leave the house the most, otherwise the sun cooks away my skin and the scorpions, spiders and snakes all attack. Thankfully in winter they are all in hibernation, probably making more mini-nopes.

Anyway with my plan schemed to lose weight, it was executed in late January 2016. I have so far lost just over 20kg and continue to lose weight every week. As you can see, it has been the biggest reversal since long ago when I stopped caring. I’m hopeful to make it down to the 80kg mark which will plonk me back in the healthy range for my BMI. Currently I sit in the overweight section but was recently downgraded from obese, which was nice. I’ll be doing a write-up on how this was all achieved because there is a little bit of science behind it, which I enjoy immensely outside of giant educational institutions.

My weight was around 88kg at the lowest point I have in recorded history, I remember resisting that 100kg mark – that was a complete mindbreak when I hit that, then my gas lift chair stopped lifting… what a pain. Hence the ups and downs. This time though, we are going down – to funkytown.

But that’s not all I’ve been doing, I’ve also been helping a friend with their PhD, which stands for Doctor of Philosophy, of course coming from the Latin “philosophiae doctor”. At least doctor is the same in Latin as it is in modern-day English. More than anything I’ve been working with LimeSurvey. After playing around with version 2.06+ and 2.50+ I can safely say that 2.50+ is terrible. I rolled back (couldn’t take the survey database with me though…) and it has been much more pleasant. Buyer beware! Oh wait, it’s more open source free software! πŸ™‚ I’d highly recommend anyone in the survey business to give 2.06+ a go along with a nice Tools for Research template. Initially I was holding out on them releasing a nice 2.50+ template, but that doesn’t seem to be progressing very quickly.

All my consoles and repairs are on hold while I try to get my life back on the line and sort out this survey mess. Now I just need to learn some SPSS data analysis-a-nating, how hard could that be? Right? RIGHT? πŸ˜‰

I’ve managed to rebuild the website without breaking too many things, actually I fixed some things! The contact form is working again, again. The header text isn’t cropped and most importantly I’ve worked out how to configure Apache 2.4 to host multiple websites and subdomains from the one Raspberry Pi. Check out the placeholder for the shop – it’s magical! Oh… I did break the darknet side of things again, WordPress 4.5.3 seems to have broken my make-all-links-relative-not-bloody-absolute plugin. That could be a problem…

Stay retro readers!

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