The second most beautiful man on this website.
The second most beautiful man on this website (and in the cosmos) – click to enlarge

This website is my current home on the internet and I’m here to stay. I’ve had an online presence of one form or another as early as the mid-1990s. Born in the 80s, living for the 90s!

Ahhh the 1990s, what a time to be alive!
– Mirabilis ICQ for chatting. Uh-oh!
– Winamp 2.x blasting out MP3s at 128kbps.
– Genecyst / Kgen for my Mega Drive fix.
– GetRight for resuming downloads on 28.8kbps.
– WS_FTP LE was the uploader of choice.
– Coding with HotDog Professional by Sausage Software.

This website is the successor to…
Sonic the Hedgehog Homepage [August 1994 – June 1997]

Space / Planets Webpage [November 1996 – June 1997]

Emulation Realm 124 [February – April 1999]

RetroJunkie.net [February 2012 – December 2014]

McRetro.net [July 2015 – Present]


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Like the social butterfly that I am you can add me on any of the below… be warned though, I usually keep my distance from social networking – it’s overwhelming! Just look at all those icons!

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You can also catch me on:
ASSEMbler Games Forum
Shane McRetro – YouTube Channel
McRetro Gaming – YouTube Channel

I’m much quicker to respond to emails!